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Real Estate ABC

Each successful achievement begins with the first step. When selling or purchasing a home, the first important step is to assign the right real estate specialist. It may not always be easy, especially as there are so many incompetent, short-sighted and weak so-called "specialists". 

The person who is going to represent Your interests in purchasing or selling Your home must be proficient, knowledgeable and competent in the field. Regardless of whether it is a certified agent, regular agent or real estate expert, he/she must have the answer for one important question: is he/she capable of achieving Your goal?

Here is some advice about choosing the best agent and cooperating with him/her.

How to choose a representative
1. It's better to prepare well than act after the fact. In other words, it's better to take more time in the beginning to choose the right representative than to amend the work of an incompetent agent later.
At first You should find out exactly what is Your final goal and explain it to the broker.
LPS sales representative will listen to You and he or she knows how to help You in the best way.

2. Prefer real estate companies that primarily commit to its main function: to intermediate sales or rental of real estate. Try to avoid companies that do their utmost to win attention by creating duties and activities not directly related to selling real estate. Such companies tend to lose their focus and the quality of their service declines. LPS has one focus: to intermediate sales and rental transactions of real estate; thus we know exactly how to help You.

3. Choose a representative who works with the type of objects You are interested in, or wish to sell/rent out. An agent whose portfolio includes almost every possible kind of objects from every region and city apparently tries to grasp the whole market. This, however, is impossible, and the agent ends up incapable of meeting any client's requirements. 

4. A larger number of objects does not automatically indicate a better agent. An agent with many objects becomes scattered and tends to forget his/her clients, which damages the quality of the provided service. The average number of objects that a representative is able to handle equally well is up to 60.

5. Be objective in Your choice. Do not believe the agent's talk about his/her achievements several years ago, long-time experience and a certificate once received. Find out how well the representative is aware of the current situation and what solution he or she offers for Your problem. Keep in mind: a successful sales representative works with and for people.

What should You ask before assigning a broker?
1. How will the intermediator determine the price of Your property? He or she should have a good analyzing ability, so find out what channels will be used to determine the price.

2. Does the representative have a sales strategy ready for Your object? What will he or she do in order to market Your property more efficiently and eventually, sell it? Just devising and publishing an ad is not enough if the broker has not planned to whom and how Your object will be sold or rented out.

3. Find out how often the intermediator is going to report to You about the sales process. 

4. What feedback has the real estate sales representative received from his/her prior clients, when and for what service has he or she last been praised?

5. Find out for how long the sales of Your property will last. Be sure to ask why. The representative must be able to clarify the factors affecting the disposal period of Your object. The duration of the selling period does not always depend on the price.

6. Before You conclude the representation agreement, make sure that You have understood all provisions of the agreement. If anything remains unclear, request an explanation from the agent in order to avoid disputes and unpleasant surprises during the subsequent cooperation.

7.  Ask the representative for grounds to his/her statements.
A good sales representative always gives justified answers and he or she masters the subject.

When You have found the right sales representative who has won Your trust, be outspoken and provide all the information needed for successful disposal of the object.

What to consider when disposing of (selling or renting out) Your real estate object:
1. In cooperation with LPS sales representative, You will achieve Your goals, as we will work with and for You. Our desire is to provide a service that would make you recommend our representatives also to Your best friends and relatives.

2. Buy and sell wisely. Do not make rash decisions, unless You are a real estate entrepreneur or speculator. Real estate transactions are among the most important transactions in Your life and wrong decisions may result in great loss.

3. Regardless of what the agent has recommended or suggested, You have the last word. You choose to whom You sell or rent out the object. You decide which object to purchase or rent. The best agent just helps You to make the right choice.

4. The listing prices of real estate objects are not equal to their actual prices. The person providing the object often wants to get the price exceeding its actual value. However, a good offer never remains overlooked, and this also applies to the real estate. So be demanding but also realistic when making Your choice.

Real estate sales representative – provides the best intermediation service for sale or renting out of real estate. The representative knows exactly what he or she should do and manages it excellently. He or she constantly seeks new methods and ways to satisfy the client. A real estate sales representative is an experienced and expert sales specialist who works with and for people. The core  question for a real estate sales representative is:
how can I provide service for my client so that the solution would be the BEST for him or her?



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