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Dear Landlord,

Why do You rent out Your property?

Because You need the money. Reasons are different but the objective is one – to make a profit.
The money is needed as quickly as possible.
You don't want the object to stay empty, because that incurs expenses.
At the same time, You don't want to rent out the object for a low rental charge and You are willing to wait for a client who offers a higher rent because 
You want to get a large and stable income. Consequently it can be said, that the client who offers a higher rent for the object is the desired stable and financially solvent client!

But what does the Tenant think about all this?

I, for my part, want to rent the best real estate object available!
The object must completely meet my requirements, so I will keep searching as long as necessary. 
But when I need a rented space urgently, I try to view as many objects as possible over a short time, in order to find exactly what I need.
I have a certain budget within which I agree to pay for the object, and this budget includes the deposit, commission and all utility charges including cable TV, Internet and phone connection.
If I need a parking space, it must be included in the rent of the apartment (or other real estate).
I am not willing to pay more; actually, I would like to get some discount instead.
The owner must absolutely help me to solve the possible problems that might occur in the rented space.
The agreement must absolutely include a provision allowing to prematurely terminate it without any additional costs.

Both parties' wishes are justified and it is necessary to find a proper solution to fulfil those wishes.

But two important aspects must be taken into consideration here:

1. Its rare, when the Owner agrees to all of the tenant's conditions, or vice versa. Problems start arising here. The difficult part is not finding a client or an object but fulfilling Your wishes. Now it is necessary to build a „bridge“ between the parties, regardless whether You are the tenant or the landlord. The bridge is better built by an impartial party, and LPS knows where this party can be found.

2. Things do not end at the conclusion of the rental agreement, instead they begin there. Only after the conclusion of the rental agreement You will get to know each other. Only after one month You will know whether You made a right decision. How to avoid incorrect choices? LPS also knows the answer to this question.

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